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Marcos Casanova, communications manager, professional voice over & Spanish instructor

Marcos Casanova

Communications manager / Professional voice over / Spanish instructor

My motivation is to provide focused and data-backed solutions to the challenges your company has to face. So my aim is to grow professionally, have new challenges and enjoy expanding my communication skills.

I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. My experience has been developed mainly on the Communications Management of several companies and shopping malls. Currently, I also offer my professional voiceover services for audiobooks narration and any kind of advertising or audiovisual project. On top of that, since 2013, I have also developed teaching tasks as ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) Instructor.

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Skills & Expertise

Specialized in communications management from private companies and public institutions. Particularly interested in online communications, advertising and audiovisual voiceover, online marketing, community management, social media management, SEO, events management and Spanish teaching.


What I Do

Currently working as a freelancer in the communications and marketing field, although I am also actively seeking better prospects for professional growth. And, sometimes, I work as an online Spanish teacher as well.

Online communications

Strategy, online marketing, web development, web management, social media management, email marketing, SEO and SEM.

Professional voice over

Professional voiceover for any kind of audiovisual or advertising project: radio spots, TV spots, corporate videos, audiobooks, documentaries, movies, TV series, video tutorials, e-learning documents, audio guides, telephone switchboards, public address system, etc.

Communications and advertising management

Media relations management, press releases, press clipping, public relations, internal communications, corporate communications and branding. Development of advertising campaigns: ads creation and design (print and outdoor advertising), radio and TV spots, sponsorship management and direct marketing. And, of course, all with a fresh and creative style. Guaranteed satisfaction!

Spanish Instruction

Since 2013, I have had the opportunity to teach Spanish to students from multicultural groups of different nationalities. Most of my experience as a teacher of Spanish has been developed in online environments.


I recommend widely at Marcos Casanova, for, so he is an honest, responsible and hardworking person, ready to realize any work entrusted. I know him personally from at least fifteen years ago and I can assure that he is a model worker, good co-worker and a specialist in his area. I recommend him to you without any reservation.

Onil Ganguly

Production and Content Manager @ Mediterráneo Media Entertainment

I met Marcos when he was attending the New England School of English and we were matched up as Language Exchange Partners. He always attended our weekly meetings with focus and determination to learning. Marcos is diligent in his pursuit of fluency in English, and he achieved that in record time. His enthusiasm for language exchange and encouragement to me to improve my Spanish was palpable. I have no doubt that he is committed to challenging his students to excellence.

Terry Moynahan

Social Work Field Education Advisor @ Wheelock College

I had the pleasure of sharing with Marcos the 13th edition of the Diploma in Teaching Methodology and the Spanish as a Foreign Language as classmate. Undoubtedly, after the time we shared in which both grew up in a professional and personal level, I can say Marcos' teaching quality is undeniable and his skills as ELE (SSL) teacher in any culture and language environment are unquestionable.

Marta Fondo

English and Spanish Teacher @ Jarit



I have 18+ year experience in the communication field. Moreover, since 2013, I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Here you can see my career.

  • Present May 2017

    SURFER RULE - Surf magazine

    External collaborator

    Collaborator as music editor in the Lifestyle section.

  • Present Dec 2011

    Freelance in PR, Social media & Marketing

    Communications Manager

    Management of all kind of activities related to communication (offline and online): planning and control of the annual budget, actions planning, website maintenance, SMM, SEO, SEM, emailing, preparing newsletters, writting press releases and ads, advertising or audiovisual voiceover, etc.

  • Dec 2020 Mar 2016

    Spanish Gurus

    Spanish (ELE) Instructor

    Online Spanish teacher for international students, using "Campus Difusión" virtual platform, Google Hangouts and Zoom in their respective classes. Students belong to different nationalities multicultural groups, mostly from Asia (United Arab Emirates, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), although there are also expat students from Europe, USA and Canada.

  • Dec 2018 Aug 2018

    CSG ComunicaciÓn

    Digital Marketing Manager

    - Online project management;
    - Digital strategy;
    - Content writing, planning and scheduling;
    - Web content management (CMS);
    - Website optimization (SEO);
    - Contest and raffles management;
    - Newsletters sending (Mailchimp);
    - Ads investment (SEM and SM);
    - Influencer searching, contact and management;
    - Creative dynamisation;
    - Community management;
    - Continuous monitoring of different brands and their online reputation;
    - Opportunity searching and detection;
    - Competitors and markets analysis;
    - KPI tracking;
    - Results reports.

  • Sep 2016 Aug 2016


    E-commerce manager

    - Content management from different corporate websites and their respective online stores for Spain and the European Union.
    - Management of orders, stocks and troubleshooting with SAP ERP software.
    - Customer service from several online stores, using email, chat and telephone.
    - Preparation of periodic sales reports for each online store.
    - Planning and management of email marketing campaigns.

  • Jan 2014 Oct 2013

    Universiteit Utrecht / Universitat de ValÈncia

    Spanish (ELE) Trainee Teacher

    Collaborator, as ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) trainee teacher, of the NIFLAR (Networking Interaction in Foreign Languages Acquisition and Research) international project for online language teaching. It is a collaboration between the University of Utrecht and the University of Valencia for the teaching of Spanish as a Second Language in e-learning environments. The teaching work is divided between two groups of Dutch students, using Google Hangouts and Second Life in their respective practice sessions.

  • Sep 2013 Sep 2013

    Taronja School

    Assistant Lecturer

    Lecturer teaching internship of Spanish as a foreign language during one week. Students belonged to different nationalities multicultural groups, mostly from Europe (France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Ireland, etc.), although there were also students from countries such as the U.S. or South Korea.

  • Dec 2011 Dec 2008

    CASANOVA Muebles Y Decoración

    Head of Communications

    Direction of corporate communications (offline and online): planning and control of the annual budget, actions planning, website maintenance, SMM, SEO, SEM, emailing, press releases, direct marketing, posters design, management of outdoor advertising media, etc.

  • Dec 2008 Mar 2008

    Freelance in Marketing & PR

    Communications Manager

    Head of communications for various private companies and public institutions of Valencia, doing work of: creating and managing advertising campaigns, corporate identity design, writing press releases, recruitment and advertising planning.

  • Mar 2008 Nov 2006

    Austria 15 ComunicaciÓn

    Director's Assistant

    Valencian agency specialized in the Communications Management. There I developed different functions in managing the Communications Office of different shopping malls, such as the CC El Saler (Valencia), CC La Vital (Gandia) and CC Puerta de Alicante (Alicante). In addition, I also worked in the Communications Office of the First World Rice Congress held in April 2007, Cullera (Valencia).

  • Nov 2006 Jan 2004

    Freelance in Marketing & PR

    Freelance Consultant

    Communications consultant for various private companies and public institutions of Valencia, doing work of: creating and managing advertising campaigns, corporate identity design, writing press releases, recruitment and advertising planning.

& Certifications

I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. In addition, I have finished off significant postgraduate education in various disciplines related to communication and Spanish instruction.

  • 2013 2013

    Diploma of Teaching and Methodology of Spanish as a Foreign Language

    Universitat de València / Instituto Cervantes

    Postgraduate diploma completed at the Facultat de Filologia, Traducció i Comunicació from the Universitat de València.

  • 2013 2013

    TOEFL Certificate

    ETS (Educational Testing Service)

    During the 2013 year, I was living in Boston for 3 months to improve my English language level at The New England School Of English, in order to prepare the TOEFL exam in the best possible conditions.

  • 2011 2010

    MCAINM (Master of Audiovisual Communication on the Internet and New Media)

    Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU

    Postgraduate master of Universidad San Pablo CEU. In particular, it is an official postgraduate qualification aimed at the world of Audiovisual Communication on the Internet and New Media. Classes are held at the Instituto Tracor headquarters in Madrid.

  • 2011 2010

    MPCNM (Master of Advertising and Communication on New Media)

    Instituto Tracor

    Instituto Tracor own postgraduate certificate focusing on Advertising and Communication on New Media. Classes are held at the Instituto Tracor headquarters in Madrid.

  • 2007 2007

    Master of Communications Management and New Technologies

    Centro Universitario Villanueva / Fundación COSO

    Own postgraduate master of Fundación COSO of Valencia and the Centro Universitario Villanueva, affiliated with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Master classes taught at the ADEIT, the headquarters of the Fundació Universitat-Empresa of the Universitat de Valencia. The program is focused to learn the professional skills of a Head of Communications.

  • 2003 2002

    Postgraduate course of Graphic and Editorial Design Specialist

    Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

    Own grade of the School of Design Engineering. In this postgraduate program, I had the opportunity to deepen in the knowledge of the major publishing and graphic design tools.

  • 2002 1997

    Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations

    Universidad de Navarra

    Degree of the School of Communication at the Universidad de Navarra. Among the best grades I achieved, I could highlight an outstanding rating on the subjects of Advertising Language and Advertising Projects.

  • 1996 1986

    Elementary School / High School

    Colegio El Vedat

    I studied the elementary and high school at the Colegio El Vedat in Valencia.

Volunteering & Cooperation

Some of my last experiences in volunteering and nonprofit organizations...

Spanish Conversation Assistant

Active member of the "Language Partner Program" at The New England School of English. In this language exchange program, my main role was to develop sessions to practice conversational skills, in Spanish language (ELE), with native English speakers from Boston, MA.

April 2013 - June 2013

Local Volunteer

I also participated on the activities of the "Volunteer Club" at The New England School of English. In this club, I could experience American work environments and did some good in the local community, visiting residents of Cambridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Boston, MA.

April 2013 - June 2013

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Doing an awesome work that you love is good, but doing an awesome work that others appreciate is AMAZING!

Featured Works

I mostly work on communications management, professional voice over, advertising, branding, websites, logos and print stuffs. And sometimes I also do my tasks as online Spanish teacher. Here you can see what I have done for some of my clients.

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Here you will find my thoughts on some stuff I dig, like advertising, design, communication, Spanish instruction, web development, mobile apps, technology, philosophy, arts, music, sports, literature, cinema and TV shows.

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